Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Where will you go in 2013?

Happy New Year! Since 2013 has finally arrived, any plans on where to travel? I recently read lots of articles relating to top destinations to travel to in 2013, and I found this one article by Lonelyplanet suggested some very interesting locations that I am interested to visit now. Check it out!

Best in Travel 2013 - Top 10 Countries 

I think Ecuador would be an amazing place to visit. I would love to take a picture at the 0' equator line that separates the north and the south hemisphere. 

Besides countries listed above, here are my top 10 places that I want to visit this year.

1. Venice, Italy

One reason is this place is sinking.  It's like a race against time to get there before is underwater.

2. Prague, Czechs Republic

The spending power here is much higher than countries like France and Switzerland.  Therefore, you can shop for more in this romantic and beautiful country.  Did I mention that there's church that is made out of human bones?

3. Casablanca, Monocco

If you ever see a picture of the lighthouse in Casablanca or the landscrapes surrounding it, I think you will be interested to go there as well.

4. Moscow, Russia

Russia is not only getting more modern and rich.  It has transformed into one of the powerful countries in the world.  It is also rich in culture and history, and the spending power is still high even though things are getting more pricy as the living standard increases.

5. St. Petersberg, Russia

Moscow and St. Petersberg are like brothers. You can't meet one, without meeting the other.

6. Warsaw, Poland

As much as depressing the trip will become, I want to go visit one of the concentration campes in there.

7. Hawaii, USA

Visit beaches and volcano islands. I might get a chance to learn the hulu dance.

8. Barcelona, Spain

One of the inspirational cities.  There are many things to do and see there, as well as surrounding cities.  Since the economy is declining, this is one of the best places to spend Euro.

9. Fiji

A less populated version of Hawaii.  It's becoming a popular traveling desitination.  I think is better to go now before wildlife there slowly becoming extincted due to developments.

10. New Guineas

Nature Call!  Sometimes you want to become Ace Ventura by getting out of populated cities to places more nature to get relax and learn more about wildlife.

If none of the countries listed above interested you, I am sure there are other similar articles related to this one that would be suitable to you. One reason none of these places listed here is in South America is because I had not intention to visit amazing countries there until 2014. However, I would suggest people to travel around South America.

Nevertheless, happy traveling if you found the destination you want to go! 

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